BELL 206

Built for Safety
What Advantage do we offer?
  • Realistic Instrumentation
  • Immersive Type-Specific Controls
  • Updatable Garmin 430
  • Full-featured Centre Console
  • Accurate Flight Model
  • Attractive Pricepoint
  • Effective cost saving oppurtunities
  • CASA Category B Accreditation
  • 20 of 40 hours for instrument rating
  • 2 of the 3 hours every 90 days for recency and concurrent training
  • DOME scenery compatibility for increased immersion
  • Optional NVG compatibility for advanced training
  • Small footprint – single user platform to full cockpit
  • Customised to your cockpit layout!

Bell 206



Since it’s introduction the Bell 206 has been one of the mainstays of the aviation industry. Similarly our GeoSim B206 Part Task Trainer has been one of our most popular flight simulators to date – it’s versatility lending itself to everyone from commercial operators to flight schools. Our B206 model is available in both a full cockpit variety (perfect for one of our dedicated trailers) as well as a compact platform model for smaller spaces. Combined with our unique Dome Scenery Systems our simulators offer a high level of immersion at an impressive pricepoint!

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