Eurocopter AS350 B3

Built for Safety

AS350 B3

  • Certification N/A
  • Technical characteristics
    • Single engine based on the Turbomeca
    • Digital configuration
    • Optional vibration system
    • Replica Fiberglass Cockpit
    • Replica Cyclic, collective and A/T pedals
    • Detailed instruments
    • Realistic A/T pedals
    • Startup and shutdown sequences
  • Visual System
    • 3m DOME Scenery System
    • 240° x60° Visual display
    • 2 x HD projectors.
    • Worldwide terrain scenery
  • Navigational database
    • Accurate G1000 replica system
  • IOS
    • Feature-rich Instructor Software
    • Large Map screen
    • 24' integrated touch screen for failures/monitoring.
    • Easy Interface.
  • Footprint
    • Room size is recommended at 4.m x 4.m x 2.8m
  • Scenario based Training
    • Complex emergency conditions.
    • Create operational scenarios.
  • Upgradable Options
    • Vibration Option
  • Turnkey solution advantages
    • Shipping and installation
    • On site instructors and technical training
    • On site assistance with initial certification.
    • 24-month warranty and remote maintenance.
    • High end computers
    • Optional spare parts kit
    • Custom STOM and SOP.

System is on wheels and as such is easy to move around.

CASA FSD2Cat B Accreditation
  • Initial Issue:
    o 20 hours instrument time
    o DME or GPS arrival
    o 15 hours cross country time
  • Recency:
    o Two hours (of the three) instrument time requirements in 90 days
    o NDB, VOR, ILS, LLZ, GPS/NPA, DME or GPS arrival.
    o One hour instrument time in 90 days for single Pilot recent experience requirements.
  • Renewal:
  • Flight Crew Licensing Credits:
    o Instrument ground time
    o Aeronautical experience
    o Regular Flight Reviews


The AS350, or “Squirrel”, is a venerable addition to many organisations around the world, from local law enforcement to rescues on some of the highest mountains in the world. One of our clients even uses it to train for Antarctic flying, in conditions where the only visual reference may be some rocks in a sea of snow and sometimes the horizon can disappear completely!