Enstrom 480

Built for Safety

Enstrom 480

  • Certification CASA FSD2 cat B
  • Technical characteristics
    • Single engine turbine based on the Allison 250
    • Accurate centre console replication.
    • Flight tests performed by GeoSim and experienced Enstrom 480 Pilots.
    • Optional vibration system
    • Replica Fibreglass Cockpit
    • Accurate Cyclic, collective and A/T Pedals
    • Detailed instruments
    • Accurate sub-panel
    • Powerful Force Feedback
    • Type-specific Emergency Procedures
    • Multiple advanced Emergencies
    • Accurate startup and shutdown sequences
  • Visual System
    • 3m DOME Scenery System
    • 240° x40° Visual display
    • 2 x HD projectors.
    • Worldwide terrain scenery
    • 1 x detailed customer defined airport scenery add on.
  • Navigational database
    • Accurate GNS 430 Replica (or GTN650 & GTN750)
    • Optional update of navigational database on 3month cycle.
  • IOS
    • Feature-rich Instructor Software
    • Large Map screen
    • 24” integrated touch screen for failures/monitoring.
    • Easy Interface.
  • Footprint
    • Room size is recommended at 4.m x 4.m x 2.8m
  • Scenario based Training
    • Complex emergency conditions.
    • Create operational scenarios.
  • Upgradable Options
    • Vulcan firefighting software
    • Technisonic replica communications system
    • Vibration Option
  • Turnkey solution advantages
    • Shipping and installation
    • On site instructors and technical training
    • On site assistance with initial certification.
    • 24-month warranty and remote maintenance.
    • High end computers
    • Optional spare parts kit
    • Custom STOM and SOP.

System is on wheels and as such is easy to move around.

CASA FSD2Cat B Accreditation
  • Initial Issue:
    o 20 hours instrument time
    o DME or GPS arrival
    o 15 hours cross country time
  • Recency:
    o Two hours (of the three) instrument time requirements in 90 days
    o NDB, VOR, ILS, LLZ, GPS/NPA, DME or GPS arrival.
    o One hour instrument time in 90 days for single Pilot recent experience requirements.
  • Renewal:
  • Flight Crew Licensing Credits:
    o Instrument ground time
    o Aeronautical experience
    o Regular Flight Reviews

DOME, NVG, Force Trim, Force Feedback

The Enstrom 480 is a small and light helicopter which is both agile and responsive. The 480 is a very capable and cost effective machine for a variety of roles, from military to police to agricultural.

At GeoSim Technologies we believe that quality training is key, so we have accurately recreated many of the instruments you’d expect to find on the real helicopter.