Singapore Airshow Successes

February 11, 2018News

With the 2018 Singapore Airshow coming to a close, we were very excited to meet with many different industry and aviation community members. It’s always great to hear more about the needs of the industry and we’re very happy with all new business opportunities we gained.

VR Futures

November 30, 2017News

We’re have some very exciting VR developments to share soon. We demoed one of these to a potential client yesterday and received a very positive response!

UK debut of our AW139 MV

July 30, 2017News

GeoSim is proud to announce the first two installations of our new AW139 MV in the UK. The new model brings improvements to the flight model and instruments. Paired with our new and improved 4m Dome System the level of immersion is greater than ever!

Another Satisfied GeoSim Customer

June 13, 2016News

Recently we received a some great feedback from a customer who purchased one of our Micro-Sim Devices. I cannot truly express my happiness and enjoyment this Helicopter Simulator has bought. It really is a godsend and so very realistic and greatly enhances the art of flying a helicopter on a computer. Please feel free to … Read More