• Robinson 44
    • Certification CASA FSD2 cat B
    • Technical characteristics
      • Single engine Lycoming O-540
      • Accurate Analog/Aspen/G500 reproduction.
      • Accurate centre console replication.
      • Optional vibration system
      • Replica Fibreglass Cockpit
      • Accurate Cyclic, collective and A/T Pedals
      • Detailed instruments
      • Accurate sub-panel
      • Powerful Force Feedback
      • Type-specific Emergency Procedures
      • Multiple advanced Emergencies
      • Accurate startup and shutdown sequences
    • Visual System
      • 3m DOME Scenery System
      • 240° x40° Visual display
      • 2 x HD projectors.
      • Worldwide terrain scenery
      • 1 x detailed customer defined airport scenery add on.
    • Navigational database
      • Accurate GNS 750 and G500 Replica
      • Optional update of navigational database on 3month cycle.
    • IOS
      • Feature-rich Instructor Software
      • Large Map screen
      • 24” integrated touch screen for failures/monitoring.
      • Easy Interface.
      • Automatic QTG’s
    • Footprint
      • Room size is recommended at 4.m x 4.m x 2.8m
    • Scenario based Training
      • Complex emergency conditions.
      • Create operational scenarios.
    • Upgradable Options
      • Vibration Option
    • Turnkey solution advantages
      • Shipping and installation
      • On site instructors and technical training
      • On site assistance with initial certification.
      • 24-month warranty and remote maintenance.
      • High end computers
      • Optional spare parts kit
      • Custom STOM and SOP.

System is on wheels and as such is easy to move around.

Built for Safety


CASA FSD2Cat B Accreditation
  • Initial Issue:
    o 20 hours instrument time
    o DME or GPS arrival
    o 15 hours cross country time
  • Recency:
    o Two hours (of the three) instrument time requirements in 90 days
    o NDB, VOR, ILS, LLZ, GPS/NPA, DME or GPS arrival.
    o One hour instrument time in 90 days for single Pilot recent experience requirements.
  • Renewal:
  • Flight Crew Licensing Credits:
    o Instrument ground time
    o Aeronautical experience
    o Regular Flight Reviews